Next Level Relative Value

Find more corporate bond trading opportunities quantitatively. Software that scans large fixed income datasets for patterns, trends and outliers.

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Data-Driven Trading.

More mispriced bonds found.  Spot trends and patterns earlier.  Find every outlier relationship.  

Quantitative Outliers.

Trade types to fit every investment style based on return, risk and liquidity.  Trade idea scoring and ranking.

Back-tested Strategies.

Algorithms constantly refined based on results and data.  TRACE data.  Millions of axes.  Fundamental data.  Equity data.  And more.

Learn How Investor 360 can revolutionize your investment process.

Learn How RelVal can find more profitable trades.

Get a massive trading advantage from data.

Consume every bid, offer, bidlist and ATS in the market.   Relative Value finds mispriced bonds quantitatively in the market across millions of data points, sources and formats in real-time.  Our models are based on return, risk and liquidity characteristics.  We validate and continually improve outlier detection with back testing over time.   Spot trading outliers and trends before the rest of the market.  


For investors, materially increased Alpha with data-driven trading strategies.

Find more mispriced bonds and relationships.   Strategies identified by type, including long or short, relative value, curve trades, steepeners/ flatteners, ratings, cross-sector, diverging fundamentals, equity/bond mispricings and more.  Rate your portfolio based on cheap/rich and better alternatives.  Bid more bonds at a price that are statistically cheap.  Take the guesswork out of finding bonds to fill investment buckets.   Utilize cheap/rich scoring for Best-Ex.


For dealers, smart trade identification.

Increase buyside call pickup rate with more talking points and trade recommendations that are tailored to each account.   Know the market movement that will likely generate the best performance for every desk axe.  Improve value-add of salesforce as they become experts in sectors and names.  Improve dialogue with accounts to increase hit-ratio on existing desk axes and materially increase the number of desk axes.  Know the price at which every bond is cheap to make better use of capital.   Demonstrate quantitatively to buyside customers the amount of return your trade strategies generated for them and thereby earn more market share.  



Relative Value Engine.

Our RV Engine uses data science to scour many large, fragmented sources to create analytics and scores for cheap/rich.  It brings together market data, fundamental data, equity data and more to create models that are continually improved.  

Real-Time Alerts.

Get alerted to the trade ideas that fit your investment style or account holdings.  No more missing trades.  Instead, trade bonds before others recognize that they are cheap.


Tailor assumptions to find more trades or ones that fit your leanings on rates, sectors, companies and more.  View scores and analytics vs. holdings or desk axes.  

Asset-Class Coverage.

Currently, we cover High Grade, High Yield and Distressed.  Contact us to learn about which other fixed income sectors we are working on next.  
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