About Us

FixtHub is a pioneer in Fixed Income Trade Generation (FITG) software.  It is the only neutral, web-based, multi-asset class platform aimed at both dealers and buyside firms in the fixed income market.



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Our Team

Brian Lane
Chief Executive Officer

Brian believes that Fixed Income firms need to glean more intelligence from the overwhelming amount of data to help guide them to better interactions and profitability.  

Throughout his career, Brian has materially improved many Fixed Income organizations with technology.  In both front office and software roles, he has gained a deep understanding of Fixed Income's technology landscape and its opportunities.  

Most recently, Brian ran Product Management at Codestreet.  There, he was the creator of the Codestreet Dealer Pool, the first dark pool in Fixed Income and developed many solutions.  Prior, he traded and sold a variety of asset classes in both cash bonds and CDS at sellside and buyside firms including Gleacher, BNY Capital Markets and Bank of America.  


Mike Lopus
Chief Technology Officer

Mike believes in people over technology. From the very first software products he created over 25 years ago, he has focused not on making the computer program better and smarter, but on making the person using it smarter, less frustrated, more productive, more insightful and constantly able to produce better and better results using the computer as a tool. 

For the last 12 years, Mike has been deeply involved in making better tools for the fixed income market. His broad range of successes include portfolio management systems, interactive data visualization tools, illiquid debt pricing models, large scale data management tools and real-time data insight tools, all delivered on demand through a secure, responsive SaaS model. Many of the applications he has built are used on a daily basis by the world's top banks.

David Askin
Sales Director

David Askin firmly believes that fixed income trading and portfolio management are best viewed as a combination of art and science.  The ones who are the most successful in the markets are those that apply the highest levels of experience and intuition, in combination with technology, data and quantitative analysis.  

Throughout his extensive capital markets career, David has been a pioneer in creating innovative solutions for real world difficulties and in finding novel ways to resolve clients’ problems.  He has done this as a fixed income strategist, researcher, portfolio manager, valuation and sales executive for a series of world-class organizations.  

Most recently, David was a co-founder of BVAL, Bloomberg’s leading evaluated pricing service for bonds and derivatives.   Prior, he built successful fixed income portfolio management, sales, trading and analytics businesses that spanned the full spectrum of asset classes, strategies and functions at firms such as Merrill Lynch, Moody’s, Drexel Burnham Lambert and Daiwa.  He also has been an adjunct professor of finance at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and at the Columbia Business School, as well as in the Financial Engineering Program at NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering.  David has published chapters in several financial textbooks, as well as articles and white papers in the field.