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With FixtHub Investor 360, finding, sourcing and executing fixed income trades is no longer a difficult process due to data overload and fragmentation.

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Centralized Market

All fixed income data in one central location.  Whether it is BBG messages, ATS platforms, analytics or your data.

Data-Driven Trading

Find more trading ideas quantitatively.  Our software scans large fixed income datasets for patterns, trends & outliers.

Increase Efficiency

Know what securities to trade, when to trade them and the appropriate mode of execution.  Reduce capital deployment time.

Learn How Investor 360 can revolutionize your investment process.

Learn How RelVal can find more profitable trades.

Data-Powered Investing Acceleration.

Create a massive opportunity out of the existing data overload and fragmentation.  Increase the amount of market data you consume to find more trades.  Find trades before others.  Deploy capital much more effortlessly.  Become more proactive in the market.  


Next Generation Relative Value.

Investor 360 detects outlier bonds and relationships quantitatively in the market across millions of data points, sources and formats in real-time.  We score bonds and relationships based on Z-Score.  Then, our models assess on return, risk and liquidity characteristics to determine trade opportunities.  We back-test results continually to improve the quality of outliers.   Spot trading outliers and trends before the rest of the market. 


Deploy capital with a few clicks. Bid more bonds with less effort.

Find bonds that match your investment style, portfolio holdings and open inquiries with a click.  Get alerted when tradable bonds fit you.  Take the guesswork out of finding bonds to fill investment buckets.   Have your eyes on every platform, axe, inventory, bidlist, quote and market color with little to no work.  Reduce the market to only the items you care about.  



Real-Time Alerts.

Pay attention to the axes that matter with real-time alerts.    Alerts can be created on any data.   Whether it is bidlists, analytics, holdings or more, alerts are created and delivered both within and outside the software.

Rules Builder.

Find more needles in the haystack with our custom rules builder.  Create simple or complex rules and matches across many sources of data, no matter if it is our data, market data or your data.

Easy data Integrations.

Earn ROI before committing resources.  Reduce the time to deployment.  Data can be loaded or exported via a feed or manually.  We integrate Bloomberg Message Parsing, ATS connections via a FIX engine, API, Excel, CSV, FTP and more.  


One system to fit any investment style, asset class focus, any data used, workflows & multiple existing systems.  User and asset class defined views are created so that each user sees exactly what they should see.  Custom columns and views.  
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