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Our web-based Fixed Income Trade Generation (FITG) software helps trading, sales and management trade many more bonds by exposing trading ideas, increasing distribution reach and improving the quality of buyside interactions—across the many large sources of fragmented fixed income data.

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More Trading Ideas

Data fragmentation and overload make it difficult to find trading ideas. Our software consolidates the many sources and formats to create a centralized view. Traders and salespeople can now discover more trends and trades across venues and formats.

Cover More Accounts

FixtHub uses technology to increase the number of buyside customers that each salesperson can cover. At the same time, our solution continually improves the quality of axes disseminated. This results in a much better distribution network and many more trades.

Never miss a trade

Bonds are only tradeable if you can find them in the large sources of information. We automate the very manual, non-valuable fixed income workflows to expose more tradeable bonds to trading, sales and buyside customers.

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Easily find trading relationships, outliers and trends.

Find interesting trading relationships visually across millions of data points, sources and types to easily find good bids and cheap offers—before your competitors find them.

Stop Searching for Trades. Let them Find you.

Our software constantly monitors watch lists, axes, street axes, lists and more to find trade opportunities and direct them to you. Never miss a trade again because there’s too much information to search.

Improve your FI business With Metrics

FixtHub provides a 360 degree view into the effectiveness of your fixed income business. Dashboard, alerts and reports are utilized to ensure that your whole business is working in concert — at all times. The result is a highly effective sales and trading operation.

Why Fixthub?

We are a software company.

Icon_SoftwareCompany.pngOur goal is to generate many more trades for you, no matter where they are in the market.  FixtHub is not an ATS— and we’ll leave that to those firms to continue doing well.   Instead, we aggregate all the fragmented sources and types of data— Bloomberg messages, market data, proprietary data, FIX, Excel, and more.  Then, we provide tools that give you a clear competitive advantage vs. peers.  We improve your ability to create more trades, improve buyside relationships, increase revenue per producer and manage your business with metrics.

We build great products.


Our team has been at the forefront of building successful, forward-thinking software tools in fixed income.  Good software conforms to your business, instead of you conforming to our software.  This lets you exploit market opportunities as you see fit to gain a large advantage vs. peers.  With FixtHub, you get the cost benefit of an off-the-shelf solution with the flexibility to tailor it to how you view your business opportunities.  We release large meaningful updates to the software frequently so that you can continually improve your competitive advantage.  

We are the un-network.


Networks are notoriously difficult to build and take many years.  Instead of building a network, we provide you large benefits that you realize immediately.  We also help you gain value that is unique to you firm.  Our goal is to give you an edge that materially increases trade volume relative to competitors. 

We fit your whole business.


FixtHub is truly a cross-asset class platform tailored specifically to each and with multiple roles.  Our functionality and data covers MBS, Credit and Municipals.  This means that you see what you should see for an asset class and that you can run your whole fixed income business from one software platform.



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