Data-Powered Trading Desk Acceleration

Dealer 360 is an integrated system to materially increase the number of trades by targeting more buyside accounts with focused trading ideas.

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Cover More Accounts.

Dramatically increase revenue per producer.  Multiply your salesforce.  Increase hit-ratio with accounts.  

Focused Trading Ideas.

Improve dialogue with accounts.   Provide unique and customized trading ideas to each account.  Source more bonds.

Centralized Data.

Never miss a trade due to information overload and fragmentation.  Share more data across the desk with the right people. 

Learn How Investor 360 can revolutionize your investment process.

Learn How Dealer 360 can revolutionize your trading desk.

A simpler way to reach more accounts faster than ever before with targeted axes.

Increase trade volume by arming yourself with a daily list of unique trades that fit each accounts' objectives. Our software uses data science to discern account interests and then finds outlier trading relationships and bonds across millions of data points, sources and formats in real-time. Massively improve your value add to buyside accounts. Become an extension of their Portfolio Managers. LEARN MORE

Proactive trade alerting.

Stop scouring for trades and instead get alerted to trades. With the quantity of available fixed income information being large, fragmented and growing, we present you with specific trading opportunities, no matter where they exist in the market.   Improve the quality of account coverage by finding mispriced bonds and the accounts that are likely to be interested in them.  


More trading ideas.

All bonds in the market are scored quantitatively for cheap/rich when paired with RelVal.  Know the type of market movement that will make bonds outperform.  



Real-Time Alerts.

Pay attention to the axes that matter with real-time alerts.    Alerts can be created on any data.   Whether it is bidlists, analytics, holdings or more, alerts are created and delivered both within and outside the software.

Rules Builder.

Find more needles in the haystack with our custom rules builder.  Create simple or complex rules and matches across many sources of data, no matter if it is our data, market data or your data.  

Easy data Integrations.

Earn ROI before committing resources.  Reduce the time to deployment.  Data can be loaded or exported via a feed or manually.  We integrate Bloomberg Message Parsing, ATS connections via a FIX engine, API, Excel, CSV, FTP and more.  


One system to fit any investment style, asset class focus, any data used, workflows & multiple existing systems.  User and asset class defined views are created so that each user sees exactly what they should see.  Custom columns and views.  


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