Data-Powered Trading Desk Acceleration

Dealer 360 is an integrated system to restore dealers' information advantage to trade many more bonds.

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How we help dealers gain an information advantage

Buyside Trading Signals

Find out what the buyside is going to trade before they trade.  Unique, actionable insights into what accounts care about.

Unrivaled Market View

Instead of being at an information disadvantage, you can view the whole market.  Trade bonds at better prices.  Less bonds trading away from you.

Improved Distribution

Target a much larger number of accounts with more specific trading ideas.  Arm your salesforce with the ability to identify any bond as cheap, rich or an outlier.

Learn How Dealer 360 can revolutionize your trading desk.

A simpler way to reach more accounts faster than ever before with targeted axes.

Increase trade volume by arming each salesperson with a daily list of unique trade ideas that match each accounts' objectives. Our software uses data science to discern outlier trading relationships and bonds across millions of data points, sources and formats in real-time.  Massively improve your value add to buyside accounts. 


Actionable analytics.

Stop scouring for trades and instead get alerted to trades. With the quantity of available fixed income information being large, fragmented and growing, we present you with specific trading opportunities, no matter where they exist in the market.   Improve the quality of account coverage by finding mispriced bonds and the accounts that are likely to be interested in them.  


Get a massive trading advantage from data.

Consume every bid, offer, bidlist and ATS in the market.   Dealer 360 finds mispriced bonds quantitatively in the market across millions of data points, sources and formats in real-time.  Our models are based on return, risk and liquidity characteristics.  We validate and continually improve outlier detection with back testing over time.   Spot trading outliers and trends before the rest of the market.



Message Parsing

We structure and format millions of unstructured Bloomberg messages daily so that you can unlock trading opportunities in these messages. 

Market Screener

Our Market Screener is seeded with millions of axes, bidlists and price talk daily.  You will have an unprecedented view of the market that rivals what the buyside views.

Relative Value Engine

Our software scans the market quantitatively for outliers and mispricings. Salespeople can disseminate more trading ideas to accounts and have deeper conversations.  Traders can bid on more bonds at prices that are statistically likely to be profitable.

Rules Builder

Our custom rules builder alerts you to more tradable bonds no matter where they exist in the market.  You can also better target buyside accounts with our custom-tailored runs messages.

Client Portal

Offer your customers an optional customizable co-branded site that will enable them to more easily discover your axes.  They can create watchlists, set alerts, visualize data and more.  


We integrate any data and format in the market, including FIX Feeds, FTP, CSV, Excel and more.  If there’s valuable data, we can extract the value from it. 

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