Let alpha find you

Fixed Income information has exploded in recent years, making it difficult to find actionable trades. Our workflow solution solves this by aggregating the many sources and formats of data and then by automating your manual workflows. The result is that many more bonds that fit your criteria find you – and more time is spent creating better strategies.

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Centralize All Data

FixtHub consolidates many large sets of data in real-time-- market, reference, proprietary, analytics – into the platform for a centralized view.  We also structure and aggregate all types of data formats – FIX feeds, unstructured messages, Excel, voice, etc.  

Workflow Without Work

Once data is aggregated, FixtHub automates the very manual fixed income workflows to expose bonds of interest amongst these many large data sources.    FixtHub improves the manual trading process so that every potential trade opportunity and bond of interest finds you.  

Receive Instant Alerts

FixtHub provides a 360 degree view into the efficiency and the effectiveness of your fixed income business. Dashboard, alerts and reports are utilized to ensure that every possible opportunity for liquidity is discovered.

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Multiple Fixed Income Asset Classes. One solution.

Our platform coverage includes Credit, MBS and Muni’s.  We utilize flexible technology to provide asset specific views and functionality.  FixtHub is a complete solution that covers every aspect of your business.

1 Million bids and offers. Daily.

FixtHub seeds the platform with the most comprehensive fixed income database of street axes.  Even better, they are directed to each user based on interests.  Let liquidity find you.

Real Market Insight

FixtHub offers a new generation of analytics, giving you a better command of fixed income. Spur trading opportunities by looking past simple cusip-to-cusip matches. Instead, utilize fuzzy matching and trends.

Our Main Features

Central Market View

FixtHub aggregrated axes into one location.  So, if an interesting bid or offer exists in the market, we display it one consolidated view.  This includes unstructured runs, excel, FIX feeds and more.

Workflow Builder

FixtHub automates every existing alpha-reducing fixed income workflow with just a few clicks – not code. Quickly turn time-consuming, unstructured processes into automated, efficient workflows.

Runs Parsing

In addition to already structured data, FixtHub structures all type of unstructured data, including RUNZ, email messages and excel documents.

Real-time Alerts

Our platform sends real-time alerts on trade opportunities and interests. From street axes, holdings, bid lists or other data, FixtHub will proactively send you a stream of trades.

Immediate Value

Our platform is predicated on “Instant On”.  It is deployed quickly without long integrations and IT spend.  The result is that users extract value immediately and without hurdles.  How do we achieve this?



Seeded with Street Axes


Rich reference data across asset class


Easy proprietary data enrichments

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